296761521MC4 Connectors – Pair

Contact material: copper, tin plated.
Maximum working voltage: 1000V DC.
Maximum working current: 25A.
Insulation material: PPO.
Flame class: V0- UL94
Contact resistance: ≤3mΩ.
Degree of protection when locked: IP67.
Rated connecting capacity: 4mm2.
Working temperature: -40°C to 85°C.
Safety class: II.
Tensile force: >100N
Size:Approx.10.5cm x 1.2cm(L*Dia.)

$2.99 Including GST

PV Cable 4mm100m-solar-pv-cable-4mm

Price is for 1m of high quality 4mm single core PV Cable.
This is copper which has been tinned for very low loss.
The outer core is double shielded for outdoor environments. It is resistant to UV, water, salt, abrasion and general weathering.

Insulation: Double wall, electron beam cross-linked
Conductor: Tinned Copper
Outer Diameter: 7mm
Conductor cross-sectional area: 4.0mm2
Resistance: 3.52 O/Km
Rated Voltage: 1000V
Rated Current: 50A
Life expectancy: 25 years

$2.99 Including GST

FuseDIY Circuit Breaker 50amp – 150amp

Basic circuit barker for 12v and 24v systems only
Overlord protection
Manual rest function
Self test
Water resistant
Holes ready for surface mounting

$25 Including GST


Rail Kit Rail Kit 2

Kit contains

6 x Tile or 6 x Tin mounting brackets
High grade stainless steel fixing screws
4 x Mid mount solar brackets
4 x End mount solar brackets
1 x Earthling terminal and link

2.9m $189 Including GST

3.4m $199 Including GST




SHUNTShunt 50mv

Voltage drop: 50mV
Maximum current: 500A
Dimension: 17cm*3.5cm*7.5cm
Weight: 680g

$99 Including GST